Monday, March 1, 2010


Cross-Stitch a Heart with Quaker Motifs
Design from Interweave Press (free chart)
Fabric: 16ct Antique white aida (Wichelt-Permin)
Threads: Marble Thread (cosmo(Lecien))
Finished as: ornament
Stitched for Bride's Tree SAL
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I've just finished the February "Heart" ornament for Bride's Tree SAL. My name's initials "Y. M." and the year "(20)10" are stitched on the front face.
Bride's Tree SALの2月の『Heart』オーナメントが完成しました。私の名前のイニシャル『Y. M.』と年『(20)10』を前面にステッチしました。

And below is my February progress of Mary Wigham SAL.
下の写真は、Mary Wigham SALの2月の進捗画像です。

(On the end of January)

And I will upload my February progress of "Bouquet for Cheryl" (Stitcher's Showcase 2010 SAL) to the blog (members only) and my album later. My progress is as I planed, great! :)
後で、"Bouquet for Cheryl" (Stitcher's Showcase 2010 SAL)の2月の進捗画像を、SALブログ(members only)アルバムにアップする予定でいます。進捗は順調です(^-^)。

Thank you for your visiting.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your heart motif and Mary are so beautiful! Looking forward to see more on Mary update! :) I'm work on Mary recently too.


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