Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's spring time

It's spring time
Design from Les grilles de Maryse (free chart)
Finished as a pinkeep
Stitched for Elisa for Stitcher's Showase Spring Exchange

I stitched this for Elisa for Stitcher's Showase Spring Exchange. I finished this as a pinkeep. As being decorated with a ribbon and pins, I omitted the border from the original design. I hope Elisa would like this...
Stitcher's Showase Spring Exchange用にステッチしました。ピンキープに仕立てました。縁をリボンとピンで飾るので、元々のデザインから周りのデザインを省きました。お相手はElisaさんなんですが、気に入ってくれるといいなあ~。

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