Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Beginner's kit (green)
Design from Fairy Needle
Fabric: Wichelt Water gray hardanger fabric
Threads: DMC #5, #8, Caron Watercolours

This is my first hardanger which was made a few years ago. In spite of my first hardanger embroidery, I enjoyed stitching this because this was designed for hardanger beginners and good tutorials have been shared on Fairy Needle where I bought this kit. (These tutorials are written in Japanese.)
数年前に作った、私の初めてのハーダンガー作品です。ビギナー向けに作られたキットだったし、このキットを買ったFairy Needleのサイトでは、とても詳しい解説が公開されているので、とても楽しくステッチできました。

Fairy Needle is a needle work shop which deals in materials for various counted stitch such as cross stitch, hardanger embroidery, drawn work, pulled thread, and so on. I bought many hardanger kits at Fairy Needle with this kit at the same time. The other day, I found that these kits were put away in my closet. I must work harder to finish up these kit...
Fairy Needleは、特殊ステッチデザイン(ハーダンガー、クロスステッチ、ドロンワーク、Pulled Threadなどの区限刺繍を織り交ぜたデザイン)の商品を扱う、ネットショップです。私は、たくさんのキットをここから購入してしまいました。先日、戸棚に仕舞い込んであったこれらのキットを発見!頑張ってステッチしなくっちゃ...。

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