Monday, September 15, 2014

Polar summer biscornu

Polar summer biscornu
Fabric: 16ct French blue aida (Wichelt-Permin) / antique white aida (Zweigart)
Threads: DMC
Embellishments: Mill Hill beads
Finished as: Polar summer biscornu
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I found the fact that a biscornu have the same shape as a "Ojami", which is a bean bag (see "Otedama" in Wikipedia). I don't know the fact already have been known widely. The one of the Japanese tutorials is shown here. I've tried to make it!

It has to sew longer than the original biscornu. As the figure below, sew same colored lines togather as overlapping the same colored dots.
So cute, isn't it?

If you'd like to stitch this biscornu, the charts are :
Polar bear's summer (18w x 40h stitches)
Penguin's summer (18w x 39h stitches)
Polar summer (40w x 19h stitches)
(DMC threads are listed. I created these charts using KG-Chart.)
Polar bear's summer (18目w x 40目h)
Penguin's summer (18目w x 39目h)
Polar summer (40目w x 19目h)

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