Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Ornament (star)

Christmas Ornament
Design from Freebie-Blog Stickerin M.B. (free chart)
Fabric: 32ct Off-white Belfast (Zweigart)
Threads: DMC, DMC Light Effects
Embellishments: Mill Hill beads
Finished as: ornament (star)
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Stitched for みっちょん-san for すてっちゃーず "Decorate your Christmas!" exchange (クリスマスを飾ろう!交換会)
Postcard design (behind the ornament) from You's Web Print

On this exchanges, I received a very pretty framed Christmas stitch from ひよこ(Hiyoko)-san. Here it is!
The backstitched Santa and the reindeer are cute! And the cross-stitched trees are so cool! I love it.

There was cute Santa on the package, too. Thank you very much ひよこ(Hiyoko)-san!

Thanks for your visit.
Happy Stitching!

1 comment:

  1. Your Christmas Ornament is very pretty!
    What a lovely gift from Hiyoko.


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